Sunday, 26 August 2012

Rob Rose on condos

If you are looking for a condo in Danville California Rob Rose Danville can help, we will help you shop for it. We all love that great feeling of owning something and acquiring that one thing we can call our own. It is a great feeling I promise, I have felt it in every new pair of shoe I have bought. I can only imagine the feeling of having my own house and the only word that can sum that feeling is epic. With such enormous expectations, do not take a chance on your dreams but choose the best and you will have no regrets. Getting the right condo or house as per the rules of real estate requires that you get a good realtor. In the real estate world, success is gauged by years of experience the realtor has on his hands, it is clear that experience is the best teacher. With years working with satisfied clients and having great success stories to tell, Rob Rose Danville has built trust.
Condos have been for long being associated with new home owners who are testing the waters or young singles but the condos world is revolving with more families and celebrities owning condos. Owning a condo is a great asset that you can re-sell and make profit. Condos have great benefits we mostly ignore. The hard earned money you are paying monthly for the condo does not go to waste, but you are paying to own the condo in future. That is so great in comparison to paying rent.
For those of us who dread manual labor, there is no mowing that lawn or flower garden. The roof repairs, pool cleaning and even the repairs outside your house are not your responsibility.  Am sure some of us are excited about such an agreement, I mean this is America where every hour counts and I’d rather spend my spare time resting or sharing my time with family and friends or better still making more money.
Most condos come with great amenities to die for like a gym, a swimming pool, a tennis court so there is no excuse why we can’t be fit, Rob Rose explains. There can even provide barbecue terraces for us to have a merry family time. Isn’t that just great.
With Condos, you can decorate and furnish your home the way you want it unlike in apartments. We all have different personalities that we would love to bring into our own homes through personalizing the condo just the way you want it.
Living in a community provides security for condo owners and a chance to socialize with others in the community. So condos are not just for young singles and the senior in the society but can be great for families to.
Go ahead and let us help you get that asset you really need.
Rob Rose Danville is the Broker Owner of The Rose Group and the CEO of Awl Eye Investments.

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Monday, 30 July 2012


Growing up, our minds are wired to dream big, have a beautiful wife /husband,have beautiful children, get the perfect job, get to the top of ours career, make friends that will add zest to our life and to crowd it all, have a beautiful home that everyone else will be envious of.From a young age, we have a mind view of what our home will look like. Rob Rose Danville remembers growing up, I found the perfect home magazines and cut the pieces of my dream home, stuck them in my dream book together with all my other dream items. Every day I would wake up, look at it and even in the darkest of days, I would just smile looking at the ‘copy pasted’ pictures and thinking about the day it will all come true. Am sure I am not alone in dream land. Most of you are like me Rob Rose Danville, and if you are not dreaming you are not living at all, and if you are not living, then that’s another story for another day.
It is the dream of every person with or without a family to have a beautiful house to call a home. Sadly for most of us we won’t have that dream come true. I don’t mean to crash your dreams, am a dreamer to. But let’s be honest, there is little information regarding owning a home, ways, means and how we can all be lucky home owners. Let’s first agree that no one wants to pay rent for the rest of their lives. We can try to work different jobs to make ends meet and to pay our rent but as we grow older, we can not take much of the long shifts. So lets see some of the options we have to get that property:
Sole ownership- this is where you own your own house by either paying cash, taking a mortgage or getting a lender to finance the property.
Joint ownership- this refers to collaborating with another party to acquire a property. For those of us who do not have a lot of resources, this is a great idea as it eases our burdens.
Using a joint tenancy method, the shares and ownership is shared 50/50. If one partner happens to die, the other tenant has the full ownership of the property.
You can also use tenancy where all interest are divided among the parties according to shares. This is depending on the amount each party contributes to the property.
Most joint ownership starts by owning one property , then advance to buying another property and before you know it, millionaires’ in the making emerge.
You can still make your dreams come true. Thankfully Rob Rose Danville investment group company, will help us get there.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Robert Rose Danville: Rob Rose of Danville Offers Free Service to Would ...

Robert Rose Danville: Rob Rose of Danville Offers Free Service to Would ...: Rob Rose Broker owner of the Rob Rose Group in Danville California is offering a free service for those that are about to rent a home and ...

Rob Rose of Danville Offers Free Service to Would Be Renters

Rob Rose Broker owner of the Rob Rose Group in Danville California is offering a free service for those that are about to rent a home and want to make sure the home is not in foreclosure. With so many renters being scammed out of their security deposit and 1st and last month’s rent.
Rob Rose came up with a free service to verify the landlord is not in default. Just send an e-mail to Rob Rose at with the full street address and city along with your contact information including phone number and Rob will call you with the findings. The home must be in the State of California for Rob Rose to offer this free service.
Rob Rose is the Broker/Owner of the Rob Rose Group a Real Estate company that specializes in foreclosed properties.

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Monday, 28 November 2011

Benefits Of Hiring Robert Rose From Danville

Real estate transactions are one of the most important financial transactions of your lifetime. It involves your hard earned money which you must have saved all through out your life. To invest this money in the real estate business without the professional advice may sound foolish and unrealistic. To avoid any unfortunate happenings and cover up the risks, it becomes essential to opt for the best real estate agent before going for any kind of real estate investment process.

Robert Rose from Danville is the owner of the Rob Rose Group Investment Company, which was founded in 1998. In the same year, he was ranked amongst the Top 100 Realtors nationwide. At the tender age of 24, the Bay East Association of Realtors had awarded him with the title ‘Rookie of the Year’. This is not all, as he has also transacted nearly 500 million dollars in gross real estate sales and has done nearly 375 million dollars of closed real estate transactions in all these years of his real estate business.

Hiring Robert Rose of Danville as your real estate agent can prove to be highly beneficial as he provides you with all the real estate solutions along with the personalized approach to his each client. Some of the major benefits which you can avail by opting for Rob Rose instead of other real estate agents can be referred to as follows:

  • He helps you in analyzing your financial capability and purchasing power for the real estate investment process. 
  • He has immense resources which can help you in searching for the diverse real estate options.  
  • He can also help you in the selection process of the respective property and can provide you with objective information about each prospective deal.
  • He also helps you in negotiating till you reach the price of your choice and get the best suitable deal for you.
  • He also helps you in understanding the different financing options that are available in the market, whenever you are out of your finances.
  • He also helps you in identifying the qualified buyers and sellers which can provide the best deals for you at the crucial time of investment.
  • He makes the real estate investment process a smooth and flexible one for your convenience and ease.
  • He provides you with the current information about the market conditions and the prevailing prices of the real estate properties. 
  • He takes off the burden from you and markets your property along with the sufficient advertising needed for it, thereby giving it his best efforts.
  • He also handles all the paperwork and documentation process of the real estate deals till it gets finalized.